Jam Lady Jam came to life in 1995 from my then tiny little bungalow kitchen in Elwood. I used to be an Opera Singer, but got very ill with tonsilitis and had to have them out. Whilst recouperating, my dear friend Jess kept bringing me fruit, thinking that would help my recovery.
Fruit was that last thing I wanted to eat, so I started making jam. I had never made jam before, but I was on some pretty strong pain relief and I think that may have helped the creative juices! I love aromatics and began rifling through my spice tins.
I figured if it sounded good it would taste good!
I made so much jam, that I starting giving them to friends who owned cafes, and it was they who encouraged me to supply them.
Opera Singing…Jam Making…interesting career change indeed. I thought about it for some months, my family thought I was mad but in the end the jam won.
You can hold a jar of jam in your hand and say “I made that” it is much more tangable than a good note.
The audience doen’st have to be listening…in fact they are all half asleep in the morning, and rather vunerable, and I love the fact that people are waking up to a little bit of me in the morning!

In 2001, I came to Healesville for the weekend, at the invitation of chef Richard Hauptmann, we fell in love, I never returned to Melbourne.
In 2003, our daughter Carmen was born, and she is without a doubt, the best thing we have ever cooked!
We live right in the heart of Healesville and renovated and old garage on the property into our commercial kitchen.

In 2006, I invited chef Alan Harding to come and join me in the kitchen and business, and it was he who I divulged all my jam secrets to.
Richard retired from chefing and followed Alan into the kitchen, they have worked together for many years in the past and are great friends.
Together they started our second label HANDMADE IN HEALESVILLE.